Elyse works from a psychodynamic psychotherapy and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) framework. Both of these approaches are suitable whether you are wanting short term, specific intervention, or are seeking longer term work for deep and sustained change. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Mindfulness also inform Elyse's therapeutic approach. 

Elyse works with adults and couples and her professional interests are working with body image issues and eating disorders, as well as supporting women and men with the transition to parenthood as individuals and as couples. Elyse has foundation training in Gottman Therapy for couples which can provide a fantastic foundation for the development of skills for individuals to use in their relationships, in addition to supporting individuals to create personal change to improve their relationships.

Supporting individuals experiencing major life transitions, particularly through the challenges of starting new relationships, becoming parents, changing careers, or reassessing values and goals within their lives are all areas well worth exploring within a therapeutic environment.  

Elyse is passionate about helping people make sustainable improvements to their psychological functioning in the interests of improving their lives, and she strongly believes that therapy is not just about removing symptoms, but living a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.

Elyse is currently undertaking further training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), a valid and reliable psychotherapy.