Elyse works with couples proactively seeking to deepen and strengthen their relationship. Elyse has foundation training in Gottman therapy for couples and uses these concepts, as well as a broad array of approaches to facilitate individual and couple growth. 

Nowhere in life are we taught about being in intimate relationship with another; we learn mostly from watching our parents and through trial and error in our own lives. Elyse can help you develop your skills as an individual in relationship or as a couple to improve communication, support each other more effectively, improve sexual connection, and learn about your own attachment style and patterns of relating.


Understanding yourself and your partner more deeply can have a myriad of benefits for your relationship, mostly importantly though, it can facilitate a health, happy, and sustainable relationship. 

Elyse loves the research and work of John and Juile Gottman, Sue Johnson, David Deida, John Wineland and many others, all of which inform her approach to working with couples.